On Saturday 06 May EUTA completed the first two-day training course for EU project management and administration focusing on Horizon 2020. Our colleagues prof. Goran Stojanovic and Marija Spasic Sola, who have implemented a large number of EU projects (Horizon 2020 FP7, plus Erasmus, Tempus, Eureka, IPA …) shared their experiences with participants from Energoprojekt, Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops, ATC SCG, European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina, Republic Secretariat for public policy … and focused on the main challenges and how to overcome possible problems during the implementation of projects.

As a financial project manager at the School of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, Marija led participants through the entire process of financial audit, so the participants could see how the auditors think and what they expect and to learn how to assess the validity / justification for the various financial documents, invoices and expenses.

Goran, who has managed many international projects as a coordinator, and led his team at the Faculty of tehnical sciences in Novi Sad as a project partner, trained the participants how to effectively manage projects and their teams, how to delegate activities and alocate resources, communicate with partners, monitor activities and results, write technical reports and financial reports, in order to justify the maximum amount approved and achieve the planned objectives of the project.

During the two-day workshop we went through all the steps in the project implementation from the signing of the GA and PA to the financial audit of the project. It was attended by 9 participants who rated the training course as very useful, and we were very happy to help our participants, in order to improve quality of results during and after the implementation of their projects.