Since the beginning of this year, a new Horizon Europe research and innovation program has come into force, which will replace the previous Horizon 2020 program. This program is not radically different from the H2020, but will undergo a number of changes and innovations. All these changes, including those concerning funding rules, will be presented in detail and analyzed during the infodan.

Since the first competitions are expected at the end of February (ERC) and during March, we will focus on those that are relevant for organizations from Serbia and the region, such as MSCA, ERC, Twinning call for the countries of the Western Balkans and others.

In addition to research institutions and companies (including small and medium-sized enterprises), civil society organizations and public institutions will be able to participate to a greater extent in the Horizon Europe program, so this is an event that is intended for them as well.

Trainers: Prof. Dr Steve Quarrie, MSc Gordana Vlahovic, MSc Marija Sola

15 March 2021