A half-hour TV programme dedicated to Strength2Food was broadcast on Serbia’s RTS2 channel on 22nd February 2019. It focused on Strength2Food’s work with primary schools in Serbia, with several Strength2Food personnel interviewed: Ratko Bojović, Steve Quarrie, Roberto Bassi, Ilaria Rossi, Beatrice Biasini. The programme, developed by Dr Aleksandra Šarković, an editor of Educational and Scientific Programmes on RTS2, arose from the visit by a team from BARILLA and UniPR to schools in Serbia to demonstrate cooking techniques to school cooks (see news report, December 2018). Interviews with Strength2Food staff gave an overview of the project and its activities with primary schools in Serbia, help for school cooks to improve the diversity and attractiveness of school meals, and described support for food procurement that the project is giving to schools to improve the quality of food purchases, as well as the encouragement being given to local growers to bid for school food contracts. The director of a school in Loznica explained how her school has already benefitted by introducing new menus provided by Strength2Food. The head of Serbia’s Parent-Teacher Association emphasised the importance of involving both parents and schools in developing children’s eating habits, saying that children were more likely to change their eating habits if they were getting the same message about healthy eating from both their parents and the schools. The programme concluded by emphasising the importance of implementing the new regulations recently introduced by the Ministry of Education on children’s nutrition in schools.