EUTA is a vibrant network of experts in the field of EU funds dedicated to provide immediate and effective support to organizations and project leaders at the forefront of reforms in the Western Balkan countries and all over Europe in order to advance their performance in project development and proposal writing and to improve the quality of their results during project implementation. Our experts from the quality assurance team can provide support to higher education institutions and QA agencies in improving their capacity for QA in compliance with national and European standards (ESG).

Our mission is to help our clients realize their ideas by giving them information about EU funding opportunities and teaching them how to prepare, write and manage EU projects successfully as well as how to achieve European standards in quality assurance.

Our main objective is to increase the number of funded projects and skilled individuals in project proposal writing primarily in the Balkan region and to ensure that project initiatives of our clients achieve outstanding impact and sustainability. In countries which are in the process of EU accession and integration our goal is to maximize the use of available financial sources from EU funds. Our QA team aims to contribute to increasing the number of HEIs and agencies with developed internal QA mechanisms and, thus, achieved European quality labels, both in Serbia and in the region.

EUTA is a team of individuals with experience in EU project proposal writing and managing as well as the implementation of EU quality standards in higher education and we sincerely wish to share with you our expertise and experience.

We motivate and inspire by our own examples of success stories, to show that with hard working dedication it is possible to succeed in realizing your own ideas, to make distinctive changes, to build and develop rewarding careers for yourselves and rise families in Serbia and the Balkan region.


330+ implemented training courses
4,240+ participants
58 training courses in 2015
16 lecturers
46 implemented projects


Ratko Bojović
Steve Quarrie
Goran Stojanović
Vesna Mandic
Gordana Vlahović
Marija Šola
Zoran Krtinic
Richard Simmons
Tomi Kovačević
Zorica Mitrović
Sofija Pekic Quarrie
Dubravka Jovicic