HORIZON 2020 Strength2Food


Full proposal title: Strengthening European Food Chain Sustainability by Quality and Procurement Policy Coordinator: University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne Duration: 2016-2020 Budget: EUR 6,911,876.25 More info strength2food.eu Strength2Food aims to improve the effectiveness of EU food quality schemes, public sector food procurement and to stimulate short food supply chains through research, innovation and demonstration activities. Partners: Our 30-partner consortium representing 11 EU and 4 non-EU countries combines leading academic, communication, SME and stakeholder organizations to ensure a multi-actor approach. EUTA contributes to the project management and implementation and ensures project impact as [...]

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Full proposal title: Building Capacity of Serbian Agricultural Education to Link with Society Coordinator: University of Belgrade Faculty of AgricultureDuration: 2013-2016Budget: EUR 895,225.13More info casa.polj.uns.ac.rs CaSA aims to strengthen links between higher education and society by building capacity of all five Serbian Faculties of Agriculture to improve teachers’ competences in pedagogic skills and in their ability to provide eLearning in-service vocational trainings. Partners: Our 13-partner consortium is represented by all Serbian agricultural faculties (both public and private), 3 EU partner Universities (Timisoara, Maribor and Foggia) and 5 non-academic partners from Serbia. Our team contributed [...]

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Full proposal title: International comparisons of product supply chains in the agro-food sectors: determinants of their competitiveness and performance on EU and international markets Coordinator: Leibniz Institut fuer Agrarentwicklung in Mittel und Osteuropa (IAMO) Duration: 2012-2015 Budget: EUR 2,422,725.00 More info compete-project.eu Partners: The COMPETE consortium was composed of 16 partners from 10 European countries and brought together academics, trade bodies, industry representative advisory bodies and agricultural cooperatives. COMPETE aimed to deliver a coherent and innovative evaluation of competitiveness of European food chains by integrating various new approaches resulting in improving competitiveness and [...]

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