Press release regarding the loss of membership


PRESS RELEASE ON THE LOSS OF MEMBERSHIP OF THE NATIONAL ACCREDITATION BODY (NAT) IN THE EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION FOR QUALITY ASSURANCE IN HIGHER EDUCATION (ENQA) SOFIJE PEKIĆ QUARRIE As a long-term member of KAPK (2011-2018), as a contact person of KAPK in ENQA who participated on 2 occasions in the evaluation process of KAPK by ENQA and, finally, as a member of the board of ENQA (2017-2018), I have the need to point out to the public a few important facts regarding the decision of the ENQA board not to grant NAT full membership in this European organization. 1. [...]

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Are we providing enough nutrients to children in schools?


The results of a survey conducted with primary schools in 2016 show that in Serbia, 825 schools provide children with at least one meal a day, but the number and type of meals varies. In almost half of the schools (47.15%) children are provided with only 1 meal a day (breakfast, snack or lunch) and it can be a cooked meal (e.g. beans, peas with meat, stew, etc.) with salad in fewer cases or more often dry meal, such as bread with jam, proja and different types of pastries. In schools that don't have a kitchen or kitchen staff, more [...]

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Children in primary schools throw away a third of their food


In April of this year, the EUTA team measured leftover food, more precisely the amount of the main meal that children do not eat, in 4 elementary schools in Belgrade, Valjevo, Loznica and Arilje, which is a continuation of the research done by colleagues from the Faculty of Economics on the Strength2Food project, with 4 elementary schools schools in Belgrade in 2017.The results of these measurements showed that unequal amounts of meals are served in schools, both in schools that have a different number of meals and in those that serve the same number of meals in one day. For [...]

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