Each of available EUTA training courses can be adjusted according to the client needs and your project initiatives. For example our lecturers demonstrate on the training course how to analyze EU Calls for proposals so you may apply those techniques and skills when developing your project proposal. On the other hand, during the In-house training we will analyze Call for proposal relevant for your project idea, make Work breakdown structure, help to identify your role and activities on the project, analyze financed projects from your area of interest and identify your project partners.

If you got funding for your EU project then we will set up In-house course to advance your skills in project management and administration of the whole team engaged on the projects, make action plan from organization of kick-off meeting to writing of financial reports and help you to improve quality of results during the project implementation.

First step is to organize meeting, set up your expectations and design programme of In-house course matching your needs. EUTA will then provide lecturers, experts with track record, course presentation and additional materials and certificate of attendance. Please let us know you need assistance and contact us via email or phone.

Training can be organized either in our facilities in Belgrade or in your premises.

Training can be organized in our facilities in Belgrade or on your location.