Each of the existing EUTA trainings can be adapted and designed according to the specific needs of the clients. For example, our lecturers will demonstrate in standard trainings how to analyze EU competitions so that you can later apply these skills when preparing your projects. On the other hand, during the in-house training we will analyze the competition that is relevant to your project ideas, create a Work breakdown structure, identify your role and activities on the project, funded EU projects in your areas and possible partner organizations on the project.

So, we will focus on the areas, topics and competitions that are important for your organization.

If you received funding for your project during the in-house training, we will work with employees from your institution, who are involved in the process of implementing international projects and we will help you set up a system for implementing international projects funded by EC and other donors. structure and common business practice of your institution.

The first step is to organize a meeting, analyze your needs and expectations, and design a training program that fits the goals you want to achieve. EUTA provides and guarantees the quality of training programs, lecturers, experts with proven experience, presentations and additional materials and provides a certificate of participation in the training.

So far, we have implemented 24 in-house trainings tailored to the needs, primarily of research institutions, but also to private and public companies, as well as the non-governmental sector. Most of the training was for writing research projects and was attended by over 700 participants, including researchers, but also administrative and financial staff. Some of our clients are: