EUTA provides information and analysis on funding opportunities from EU funds, helps you prepare and write project proposals and ensures high quality results and impact during project implementation, as well as sustainability after project implementation.

We help you secure financial resources, achieve your goals and turn your ideas into project proposals by training you to successfully write and implement projects yourself and providing consulting services that cover the entire project development cycle from idea to realization.

Help in project preparation

  • Identification of EU programs and funds that match your needs and project ideas
    • analysis of available funding sources and selection of donor programs that match the needs of clients
  • Notification of open and planned competitions and information days
  • Analysis of relevant competitions
    • analysis of competition documentation, application form, evaluation form and other necessary documents
    • alignment with EU strategic documents and adaptation of the project idea to donor expectations
  • Generation of project ideas
    • assistance in the development of project ideas and setting up the basic elements of the project proposal
  • Identification of funded projects for relevant areas
  • Identification of project coordinators and partners
    • providing assistance in identifying adequate coordinators and partners with proven experience in EU projects
    • better utilization of the existing network of partners
  • Assistance in writing a project proposal and submitting an application
    • helping to design the project proposal and writing key parts of the application
    • help in creating and writing a realistic and balanced budget
    • evaluation of the project proposal before the final submission of the application
    • assistance in registering the organization and submitting the application

Assistance in the implementation of projects

  • Setting up a system for the implementation of international projects financed by the EC and other donors, in accordance with the organizational structure and usual business practices of the institution
  • Training of employees involved in the process of implementation of international projects at the mentioned institution
  • Harmonization of donor rules with the requirements of national legislation relevant to the mentioned institution
  • Monitoring of the financial realization of international projects in which the mentioned institution participates
  • Coordination and communication with auditors at the behest of the employer or donor
  • Informing the employer about any change in the Donor’s rules related to the institution’s projects, as well as advising on how to implement the new rules at the institution itself
  • Consultations and training of employees involved in the process of implementation of international projects at the mentioned institution
  • Financial administration of the project (Timesheets, checking accounts, making periodic reports for the coordinator)
  • Preparation of periodic financial reports and checking of accounting documentation
  • Checking of already prepared documentation and assistance in filling out the periodic financial report on the EC portal

Our consultants have many years of experience not only in successfully writing projects for EU funds, but also in coordinating and implementing large international projects. Some of those projects were declared examples of best practice (such as FP7 APOSTILLE and FP7 SENSEIVER) and were presented at events organized by the European Commission. Our team members also worked and work as official EC evaluators for several different EU programs (H2020, ERASMUS PLUS, IPA CBC, COST…).