42% Passage of projects to the second round of the Ideas program of the RS Science Fund

Last year, the EUTA team helped researchers from Serbia, primarily through our review service, to submit 50 project proposals for the Ideja, Science Fund call. Some of our clients with whom we collaborated during the writing of Project Ideas are: Institute for Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering (IMGGI), Institute for Biological Research Siniša Stanković (IBISS), INN Vinča, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade, etc., a total of 19 [...]

07/11/2021|News, Project news|

Strength2Food patience and persistence rewarded

After several years of work with primary schools and organic growers in Serbia, the results of these Strength2Food activities are having a tangible impact. To improve the nutritional quality of school meals and encourage schools to use short food supply chains for their food procurements, EUTA has been working with nearly 30 primary schools. The first of these (OŠ Kralj Petar I, Belgrade) submitted procurement documents for fresh organic vegetables to the procurement web portal in July, 2020. EUTA has [...]

22/10/2020|News, Project news|

Serbian schools receive feedback on their children’s food preferences

Led by Strength2Food partner EUTA, during October 2018, children in 32 Serbian primary schools and their parents completed questionnaires on food preferences and attitudes towards food. Just over 4,000 children and over 3,000 parents completed questionnaires. Schools taking part in the project are now receiving feedback on the results of their children’s food preferences. In addition to an overall report on findings from the children’s food preference questionnaire, reports for individual schools are also being prepared. The overall report, together [...]

11/07/2019|News, Project news|

Broadcast of Strength2Food project on RTS2

The half-hour show dedicated to the Strength2Food project was broadcast on February 22, 2019, on the RTS2 channel in Serbia. She focused on working with primary schools in Serbia, including several interviewees participating in the project: Ratko Bojović, Steve Quarrie, Roberto Bassi, Ilaria Rossi, Beatrice Biasini. The show recorded by Dr. Aleksandra Šarković (editor of educational and scientific programs) on the RTS2 channel was created after the visit of the team from Barila and UniPR who demonstrated cooking techniques to [...]

23/03/2019|News, Project news|

Partner Barilla visits Serbia for demonstrations to school cooks

Three representatives of the BARILLA team, Roberto Bassi (chef) and Ilaria Rossi from Barilla Academia and Beatrice Biassini from Madegus, were in Serbia from 3rd to 5th December to give demonstrations of cooking and advice on meal nutrition to cooks from schools taking part in the Strength2Food project. Two primary schools were selected for the demonstrations: "Kosta Trifković" in Novi Sad and "Dositej Obradović" in Belgrade, chosen because of the availability of suitable facilities for giving demonstrations and the timing [...]

14/12/2018|News, Project news|

There is no shortcut to success

Our colleague Prof. Dr. Goran Stojanović with his team for nano and flexible electronics presents us microfluidic chips, sensors on paper that detect different bacteria, moisture, the correctness of meat and detect the correctness of drinking water and much more at the upcoming "European Night of Researchers" in Novi Sad. Read more about the numerous innovations developed at the Faculty of Technical Sciences with the help of EU funds and the Horizon 2020 program at the link.

14/09/2018|News, Project news, Training news|