EU Projects


EUTA provides information and analysis on funding opportunities from EU funds, helps you prepare and write project proposals and ensures high quality results and impact during project implementation, as well as sustainability after project implementation. We help you secure financial resources, achieve your goals and turn your ideas into project proposals by training you to successfully write and implement projects yourself and providing consulting services that cover the entire project development cycle from idea to realization. Help in project preparation Identification of EU programs and funds that match your needs and project ideas analysis of [...]

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Quality assurance in higher education


Members of the quality team provide consulting services to higher education institutions and individuals in the application and fulfillment of accreditation standards (of institutions, study programs and initial) in higher education during external evaluation, both in accordance with national and European standards (ESG, Part 2 ). Our experts from the quality team provide advisory services to higher education institutions on the implementation of national standards for self-evaluation through consultations, and especially as part of seminars held by EUTA in higher education institutions. This would encourage the development of internal quality assurance mechanisms within the higher education institution, with a [...]

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