During the training course, we will analyze the complete process of project proposal writing for the open Horizon 2020 call Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (MSCA RISE 2019) with the deadline for submitting the application on April 2, 2019. It is a topic that promotes the exchange of researchers, administrative staff, knowledge and ideas from research to market through international, cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary cooperation. The call is open to everyone – academic and research institutions, companies, NGO sector, hospitals, museums, etc. which can participate both as partners and as project coordinators. Last year, 272 project proposals were subbmited and the success rate was 26.7%, making it one of the H2020 topic with the greatest chance for success. Although we are focused on the RISE call, the acquired skills can also be applied to the writing of other HORIZON 2020 MSCA project proposals.


The trainers who will lead the H2020 MSCA RISE training course have wast experience in preparing, writing, coordinating and successfully implementing the MSCA, as well as other H2020 types of projects.

01/02 March 2019

Belgrade, Kneza Milosa 47
Biznis centre Savski Venac