This is the most comprehensive and best rated EUTA training.

We divided this 4-day training into 2 parts: 1) for preparation and writing of Horizon projects (first 2 days) and for budgeting and management of Horizon Europe projects (last 2 days). The training includes all phases of project development, from the identification of calls to project management through lecturer presentations, demonstrations of concrete examples from the trainer’s practice, workshops and discussion.

During and after the training, participants will have the opportunity to improve their skills in preparing project writing and through practical exercises on writing a simplified project proposal, describing the project team and key experts, and calculating the project budget.

We will work on competition documentation, application and evaluation forms for the EU program Horizon Europe, and we will also analyze the announced invitations for the year 2023/24, which are relevant for training participants.

When: 18/23/25/26. oct. 2023

live in Belgrade