Last year, the EUTA team helped researchers from Serbia, primarily through our review service, to submit 50 project proposals for the Ideja, Science Fund call. Some of our clients with whom we collaborated during the writing of Project Ideas are: Institute for Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering (IMGGI), Institute for Biological Research Siniša Stanković (IBISS), INN Vinča, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade, etc., a total of 19 research institutions.

After more than a year, the first stage of project evaluation was completed and 223 out of a total of 917 submitted projects passed to the second round, with an average score of 84 or more. The second round of evaluation involves a 20-minute oral presentation of the project before the Science Fund committee. Although these 20 minutes are nothing compared to the time researchers spent preparing and writing their Project Ideas, the oral defense of the project carries 35% of the total points, so it is a very important way to present your project ideas and respond to the comments of the evaluators from the first round .

Therefore, EUTA organized assistance to its client researchers who were preparing for the second round of evaluation. A total of 21 projects of the researchers we worked with made it to the 2nd round, which is almost every other project, 42% to be precise. In the past ten days, we organized a simulation of an interview for the Science Fund in order to make it easier for our researchers to better prepare and go out with full confidence for the oral presentation of their projects.

We keep our fingers crossed for them and wish them the best of luck!