Steve Quarrie, the team leader of BSN, now called European Training Academy (EUTA), has recruited a team of PhD students for Strength2Food, who are eager to take part in an international research project and to start collecting and analysing real data.
In total, Strength2Food has now acquired 18 young researchers, past, present and future PhD students from both Belgrade and Novi Sad, who will focus on aspects of the WP9.1 school meals pilot scheme in Serbia. Working in groups of two they will support the work currently being done by the Ministry of Education and Science (MPN) and EUTA to help identify schools to take part in the pilot scheme and analyse aspects of the quality of the food that children receive in schools.
As well as taking part in school visits to collect information on existing food supplies, the Strength2Food student team will help to catalogue and analyse thousands of food procurement documents from Serbian primary schools, and replies from over 800 primary schools to a questionnaire organised by MPN on aspects of school meals.
Involvement in Strength2Food will help the PhD students improve their expertise in research, and support impact related activities in Serbia.