Two Horizon Europe calls for Excellence Hubs and ERA Chairs are currently open, with the same deadline for applications, March 7, 2024. These calls are intended for research institutions that want to raise the level of research and innovation excellence and how their institutions with the help of experts in the field on the ERA Chairs project, as well as the entire ecosystem on the Excellence Hubs project (the consortium should include institutions from the following 4 categories: (a) academic institutions, (b) companies, (c) public agencies and (d) civil society organizations. The maximum budget for a 4-year project at Excellence Hubs is 6 MEUR for a consortium from 2-4 countries, while at ERA Chairs the budget is up to 2.5 MEUR only for the coordinating institution.These are calls intended for countries that belong to Widening countries, so our competition they are not the most developed EU countries and represent an opportunity for our institutions to be project coordinators.

During the training, participants will receive clear instructions on what the EC expects, what are the specifics and differences between these two calls, what are the key challenges when writing project proposals, from our trainer who has many years of experience in writing Horizon projects.


Prof. Dr Goran Stojanovic works at the Faculty of Technical Sciences of the University of Novi Sad, has more than 26 years of experience in the field of education and 17 years of experience in writing and implementing EU projects worth over 20.87 million euros. Goran is currently a coordinator or partner in 4 Horizon Europe projects and 4 H2020 projects (including coordinating the ERA Chairs project).



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